How to Get Rid of Red and Bloodshot Eyes

Having bloodshot eyes can diminish your overall appearance causing you to look dull and lifeless. Though it may seem impossible there are ways to help reduce the appearance of red and bloodshot eyes.

Protect your eyes to eliminate redness

Red eyes can be reduced by ensuring they are 100% protected from the sun and other sources of light. These factors can cause us to constantly strain, one cause of red and bloodshot eyes.

Hide your eyes from the sun

Your eyelids are there to protect your eyes but, unfortunately, the eyelid skin is so paper thin it can’t protect them 100%. Although the skin is more commonly mentioned, the sun can have a major effect on the eyes. UV light can beam through theskin and cause red or bloodshot eyes.

Red and bloodshot eyes connected with ultraviolet light could be a symptom of one or more of these issues:

  • Eyelid cancer- About 10% of skin cancers occur on the eyelid. Eyelid cancers have the ability to spread to the eye causing it to become red and inflamed.
  • Eye cancersare frequently diagnosedby the appearance of dark spots in the eye area, but the eye can also show signs of irritation.
  • Keratitis happens when you get asunburn in the eye (yes it’s possible!), this no doubt will cause red and bloodshot eyes.

Wearing sunglasses is one key to getting rid of red and bloodshot eyes. While you may use them to look fresh in your new convertible, they can help prevent significant health complications.

Limit your screen time

Spending excessive amounts of time in front of the big screen can leave you with red and bloodshot eyes. Watching television can cause your eyes to dry out due to lack of lubrication that is usually replenished by blinking.Focusing on a television causes you to blink about 70% less than you normally would causing the eyes to become dry, red, and irritated.

The average American spends about 5 hours per day in front of a television, and even more in front of a computer. If your life won’t allow you to limit your screen time using eye drops can help get rid of red and bloodshot eyes.

How to get rid of red and bloodshot eyes by changing your lifestyle

Ever think you’re the reason you have red eyes? Some of the choices you’ve made in life could have contributed. If these are choices you are still making in life your condition will only get worse, the time to stop is NOW!

No more drugs or alcohol

Many times a person can be identified as having a drug or alcohol problem because of their unsightly red or bloodshot eyes.

You may have heard that the number of people smoking cigarettes is decreasing these days, but there are some who haven’t caught on to the trend. If you suffer from red or bloodshot eyes and you are a cigarette smoker here’s what causes your bloodshot eyes:

  • The smoke itself can contribute to red and bloodshot eyes. When you smoke, it hits the surface of your eyes and dehydrates them. If you wear contacts smoking can further contribute to redness because placing them over dry eyes can cause your eyes to become itchy and Those around you taking in second-hand smoke can also suffer from dry eyes.
  • The risk of contracting Uveitis can be increased by 50% if you are a smoker. Uveitis is inflammation of the eye causing it to become red and bloodshot.
  • Other health risks linked to smoking may also cause eyes to become red, it is best that this habit is halted to avoid being diagnosed with particular health issues.

You should probably get some sleep

In a world where everything is so demanding, there is little time for rest. If you have red and bloodshot eyes getting enough sleep should be at the top of your list. The average person should get bout 6-8 hours of sleep to ensure red and bloodshot eyes are a thing of the past.

Get rid of bloodshot eyes this instant!

Red eyes can be embarrassing which is why when it occurs people want to solve the problem fast. It may come as a surprise, but there are a few instant fixes that help get rid of red and bloodshot eyes.

Certain eye drops can help with red eyes

Using eye drops

Using eye drops

Depending on the cause of your red and bloodshot eyes, you can use eye drops to decrease their appearance.

Decongestant eye drops are the leading way to get rid of red and bloodshot eyes fast sincetheir sole purpose is to whiten the eye. These eyedrops work by shrinking the blood vessels in the eye causing them to appear whiter.

Antihistamine eye drops should be used for those with allergies. These drops combat redness, teary eyes, and itching that are common causes of red eyes.

Artificial tears are used to keep dry eyes lubricated by providing the eye with hydrating ingredients. If your eyes get red and bloodshot after being in front of the computer, straining, in the sun, or wind artificial tears may be used to get rid of red and bloodshot eyes fast.

Hydrocortisone cream is okay to use around the eye

Not all redness occurs inside the eye; it can also occur on the skin surrounding the eye. Allergies and excessive rubbing are two common causing thered skin around the eyes. Hydrocortisone cream is an excellent product to use in order to decrease redness around the eye; it works by calming inflamed skin.

Other cures for redness of the eyelid and surrounding skin include:

  • Ice or a cool compress
  • Lavender or green tea
  • Cucumber

Say goodbye to red and bloodshot eyes this instant!

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